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Advantages of Buying Through a Car Dealership

If you are in the market for buying a new car, and by new, we mean new to you, which in most cases means a new used car, you now have so many options these days. You can go on TradeMe, you can go online where there are many great-looking deals, but where you have no guarantee if something goes wrong with the car, and you can also go to the big auctions either online or on site. However, there are many reasons why not to do any of the above, and to go through a ‘tried and true’ car dealership when looking to buy your new car.

One of the main reasons to choose a respected and well-known car dealership is for exactly those reasons, that they are recognised in their field by setting standards and services which others seek to follow. This means that when you visit their car dealership, you will benefit from the collective experience of their management team. This type of experience is invaluable and can’t be ‘bought’ as it has usually been hard-earned.

When you are in the market for a new used car, take the time to go down to your chosen car dealership and get to know the really great people who are there to give you friendly service and a welcoming approach. Keep in mind that a reputable car dealer will, at any time, have over 600 vehicles in stock and have quick access to freshly imported cars.

Another big advantage of dealing with your chosen car dealership is that all their vehicles will be checked, complied and odometer certified and all their cars will have a brand-new warrant of fitness and will be registered. They will also offer competitive car finance and insurance all under one roof and will have a full range of financial options available. When you are buying a car or borrowing money, it is always important to ensure you are as protected as you can be against the worst happening, and a reputable car dealership will recommend a full protection package which would include a four-year warranty, a Guaranteed Asset Protection and a Payment Protection Insurance.

There are yet more advantages of dealing with a local firm who will offer great customer service with timely reminders for warrants of fitness, insurance and warranty renewals with car servicing and much more. So, before you commit yourself to buying your new used car, do the research and choose a trusted car dealership.

Buying the Right Car For You

If you are struggling with the decision of what kind of car you want to buy, then there are definitely quite a few factors that you need to consider before you jump into the front seat. Among the things you need to think about are whether you want to buy new or used, whether you want an SUV, a sedan, or a sports car. It might be tempting to take a test drive in those fast cars you see on television all the time, but you have to ask yourself where you are in your life. If you are in your twenties and you want a little speed demon that will impress all your friends, then by all means, purchase that Honda s2000 that you can barely afford, but if you don’t want to pay more per month than you can afford, being a responsible person can really pay off in the long run.

Getting that dream ride isn’t as important as starting a family and finding a great career. One of the worst decisions you can make if your financial situation is a little unstable is to buy a new car from a dealership at retail value or MSRP. Dealerships will always be more expensive than people just trying to sell their car online or locally. You can save thousands of dollars if you buy a car that someone else is selling. Sometimes it is even worth it to fly out to a different state and pick up the car because a plane ticket is only a couple hundred dollars. You have to know how to explore all your options before you make a decision that might completely change your financial future for the next few years.

Buying used cars is an art form that most people don’t really understand. When trying to buy hot cars that are pleasing to the eye while still affordable, it can take weeks to find the right deal for you. Looking online and taking advantage of all your resources is the first thing you have to learn when you are in the market for a car. When you finally find that great deal, you should still be able to talk it down a little more before you commit. Having patience and composure will ensure that you get the best ride you can for your price range. The right deal can be a rewarding experience that you will be happy about for as long as you own your vehicle.

Larry is a freelance writer. It might be tempting to take a test drive in those fast cars you see on television all the time, but you have to ask yourself where you are in your life. If you are in your twenties and you want a little speed demon that will impress all your friends, then by all means, purchase that Honda s2000 that you can barely afford, but if you don’t want to pay more per month than you can afford, being a responsible person can really pay off in the long run. Please shop at ISG.

Choosing Front, Rear Or Four Wheel Drive in a New Car

Cars come in all different shapes and sizes, and the car you drive is often based on your needs. Whether it is a family car with plenty of seats or a sports car with room for just you and your partner, there are plenty of different vehicles to choose from when it comes time to buying a new model. Whilst we tend to make a lot of considerations when buying a new car one of the ones that rarely enter the mind is the drive train of the car.

The drive train is often referred to as being either front wheel, rear wheel or four wheel drive. Most cars will come with either of the first two options with larger vehicles like sports utility vehicles being four wheel drives. Each variety has certain characteristics and can vastly affect the handling of your car not only in general but especially in poor weather conditions.

Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Front Wheel Drive means that your car is steered and powered forward by your front wheels. This means that your car is not going to hold a turn as well as other drive train types as your rear wheels are essentially doing nothing, they are along for the ride as the saying goes. It does have its advantages though as it is much harder to induce a spin making FWD cars much more stable to drive.

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
RWD cars can hold a harder turn much better than the FWD cars as, the throttle can also be used to boost steering, the underground motorsport of “drifting” is famed for using high powered RWD cars as they are able to maintain power in a skid. Obviously you won’t be doing this during safe, regular driving but rear wheel drive can be prone to skidding so you should be careful in adverse conditions as the back end can try to take the lead.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Four Wheel Drive is famously used in 4x4s, larger Sports Utility Vehicles like Land Rovers and cars which will be dealing with varied terrain and their large weight would need torque delivered to all four wheels. This means that snow, ice and mud can be handled (at controlled speeds) easier than the other two drive train types but can be risky as 4WD drivers can have a false sense of security and confidence which may mean they drive more recklessly.

As with every other car type you should make sure that in poor weather that you take care, drive slower than usual and avoid worst hit areas. Snow in particular in the past few months has caught drivers of all types: Front, Rear and four wheel drive out so make sure you drive conservatively when the weather sours.

How To Easily Afford A New Car

No car lasts forever, but when they do finally break down for the last time it always seems to happen at the worst possible moment. If you are used to relying on your car to get around, suddenly finding yourself without one can cause major problems. It’s harder to get to work, it takes longer, and trying to do the weekly shopping without relying on the car is almost impossible.

The problem is, it’s not always as simple as popping out to buy a new one. Quite apart from the paperwork side of things, there’s the question of money to consider. How can you get a new car if you can’t afford to buy one? Your first thought will probably be to get a car loan to help you buy your next vehicle, but if you have a bad credit rating your bank is unlikely to look favourably on lending you money.

Of course the amount of money you need will depend largely on what kind of car you want to buy. If you are finding it hard to get the money together then you will no doubt be looking at the cheapest cars you can find. This can be a temptation you might be better off avoiding however. Buying a cheap car can leave you open to the possibility of further break downs and repairs in the near future, as the car is already several years old.

Happily there is another solution. Even car hunters with poor credit ratings can apply and be accepted for personal car finance through specialist lenders and brokers, which has two main benefits over other solutions.

Firstly you’ll often find that the loan is secured on the car itself, which means you won’t need to put up any security to make the loan possible. Secondly you will also be able to afford a much better car than you would be able to otherwise, meaning it will last far longer and be much more reliable as a result.

One of the main problems of having a bad credit history is the task of improving it again. It can be done of course, but it generally takes time and it can hamper your chances of getting credit anywhere else until your rating improves. This is where car finance can come in very useful, because as long as you meet your monthly payments you will be improving your credit rating with every month that goes by. This can have an enormous effect on your future status.

A Woman’s Tips to a New Car Purchase

I was virtually raised in an automobile dealership. For this reason I’ve never had to purchase a new car. That is until my husband needed to replace his truck last year. I have on the other hand, sold tens of thousands of vehicles as well as assist hundreds make a purchase. It is not enjoyable but it ought to be. Instead people are bombarded with options, product reviews, thoughts and opinions and then they have to negotiate. Insane city! There is something to be said for keep it simple stupid.

If I were to buy a car today I would personally do the following:

1. Compose a list of needs. These are items that you can’t live without, in order of importance. If not exceeding a particular monthly payment is the number one priority then put it there and keep it there. If having AWD is your number one on account of your driveway in the winter than remain true to that need.

2. Compose a list of wants. Be mindful that you do not get the two columns confused, it’s tempting. For example, you may want an upgraded stereo with a subwoofer, but do you need it? A friend recently bought an SUV and he determined that he had to have a navigation system because he is always on the road for work. He sacrificed his first choice in color (want) since there wasn’t one available with the navigation. Wants and needs, extremely important.

3. Compose a list of automobiles that interest you and perform your due diligence online. Use a resource such as AutoTrader to compare and contrast vehicles.

4. Remain objective when researching. Simply because you are in love with the Porsche, if your budgets $30,000 then get real. If you carry out the research and it doesn’t comply with your needs remove it from the list!

5. Flex. If you have to have a sunroof but can’t afford it maybe you should consider a Certified Pre-Owned.

6. Once you have your list of vehicles whittle it down to 2 or 3. If you have a Honda Fit and a Nissan Murano then there’s a problem with the list. Either that or you are the one percent who is able to buy on a whim. In which case you probably don’t need my advice.

7. Test drive and move on. The salesperson won’t like it but that’s okay. Let them know in advance you’re choosing between a few vehicles. Tell them your time frame. Drive the automobile and get a good sense of it. Make sure the salesman goes over the features and benefits even if you believe you know them. Do not rely on the accuracy of manufacturer websites. It may lead you to believe that there is equipment on a certain model but doesn’t disclose that it is only available on certain trim levels. And get the price and financing options even if you intend on paying cash. It’s common for manufacturers to incentivize the customer to finance with them. If they’re going to save you $2000 to finance then do it! It is a simple interest loan meaning that there’s no penalty to prepayment.

8. Don’t feel guilty about not purchasing right that second. But I implore you, on behalf of all salesman out there working to make a living, and there are good ones, do not go into a dealership when you are not making the decision inside of 30 days or at worst two months. When a salesperson hears, “I’m not buying till next year” he hears, “don’t even bother”. Car sales is a today business. Besides, the vehicle that you are looking at may no longer be available in a years time, incentives will have most likely changed not to mention the salesman will not be too eager to show you everything that comes with the car.

9. Last but not least, when you have made your final decision, commit. You should have some sense of excitement knowing that you made an intelligent, well researched purchase. All you can do at this point is shut up and drive.

The Worst Time to Buy a Car

The worst time to buy a car is a very important piece of information that you need to know in order to avoid buying your car around it. I based the information in this article on my personal experience, the experience of my friends, and the advice of a close friend who is also an auto dealer. The worst time to buy a car depends on your perspective of the process. In this article I put the value of the car within one year of the purchase as the reference point.

The worst season to buy a car is in the fall, especially in November. At this time the new models of the next year are released, or about to be released. If you buy your brand new car today and the next years model is released a week from now your car value will drop significantly. If you are to change it next year you’ll lose a lot. On the other hand, If you happen to buy the new model of the next year that has just been released you are working for the automaker as a lab rat. It’s always better to wait until the model has been tested on the roads and proven to be a good one. There are people who just love to be the first to drive the newest models, let them test it for you. Also in the fall you are going to drive your car for the whole season of winter immediately after you buy it. If you are to change it for any reason (expecting a baby, getting married unexpectedly, moving out of the country) your car value will drop in six months more than if you buy it in spring and drive it through summer. I am considering our harsh winter in Canada and in the Northern States.

The first day of the month is also a bad day to buy a car. An auto dealer typically starts a new cycle of sales and is relaxed, opposite to the last day of that sales cycle. The least day of the month they are ready to work out any deal just to meet the sales goal of the month. This is when you can practice some strategies to get the best deal on your car. The first day of the cycle there is no pressure, and the car dealer is ready for your strategies and will be OK with you leaving without buying.

Mondays are not good days to buy a car from a dealer that works only during week days, while not as bad if your dealer is open through the weekend. The tip of the thumb here is to avoid crowds. Go when the dealership is totally empty. This way you get all the attention and your pressure practices will give you the best results. If on the other hand they have other customers to serve you’ll be just one potential buyer, This is true specially when they have more customers than salesmen.

How to Find Hot Car Deals When Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. Most people’s idea of getting a hot deal on a new car comes with spending arduous hours playing negotiation mind games with the salesman in the display room of the dealership. While this practise can be worth it, especially if you manage to get him to knock a few hundred off the price tag of your dream car, it can be tiresome. It also might not be the best or even the simplest way to get the hottest deal on a new car. Here are a few tips to help you find hot deals when buying a new car, sometimes without even visiting a dealership at first.

If you’ve ever shopped around for a new car, you are probably aware that strolling into a dealership and asking for the best price on a car is probably one of the worst ways to actually get the best price. This approach will usually involve being ushered into a mercifully air conditioned office where you will you be hammered over the head unmercifully for the next few hours with reasons you should pay more for the car. Even once you’ve reached a deceptively acceptable accord with your opponent, you still won’t know for sure if you’ve actually gotten a hot deal unless you repeat this gruelling process at the other ten dealerships in town that offer the same model.

Fortunately for the new car buyer, however, there is another way. Many dealerships have online services featuring Internet sales departments. Internet sales departments are usually much quicker and sometimes even instant about giving you rock-bottom offers on the cars they have in stock. Use the contact information found on the dealership’s website to contact the dealership’s Internet salesperson by phone if you like. Make sure to mention that you are looking at all the dealerships in town to see who will give you the best car price. Internet salespeople are often extra friendly to comparison shoppers.

While you are still comparison shopping, don’t allow yourself to be lured into any particular dealership just yet. When you show up physically at their hunting grounds, you give yourself a lot less bargaining leverage. Start off by collecting price estimates from all the dealerships in town, and you will soon have a great picture of which ones are worth paying a visit.

You may also want to mention the price quotes you hear from other dealerships when comparison shopping. Many dealerships are committed to offering the lowest prices in town, and hearing about someone else’s rock-bottom deals could get them to make you an even better offer. This tactic should only be used as a second step once you are convinced that you’ve heard all the best car prices in town and you want to get them just a bit lower.

One important tip to be aware of when looking for car deals on is that paying cash will almost always get you a better deal than looking for financing. Although most dealerships have financing centres, these can generate some of their biggest profits, so stay away from them. Financing deals usually come with costly interest rates and other expensive extras that can be avoided by simply paying cash. If you have no way to pay the entire sum up front, make sure to look for financing ahead of time at a location outside of the dealership.